Wooster's bakery baguettes
Wooster's bakery Mill
Wooster's bakery
Wooster's bakery in Bradwell
Artisan bread by Wooster's bakery
Wooster's bakery
Bread kneading Wooster's bakery
Wooster's bakery and mill
Will Wooster's bakery
Artisan bread Wooster's bakery
Wooster's bakery
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Wooster's bakery
Wooster's bakery
Wooster's bakery and mill

Wooster's Bakery was set up in 1992 by Simon and Sue Wooster and is now run by their son Will, who won Best Newcomer Award in 2017's East Anglian Daily Times' Food and Drink Awards. Will makes delicious artisan bread and cakes which he sells at farmers' markets and at the family deli at Bardwell Mill, manned by his brother Joe. Simon still runs bread making classes. It's truly a family business.


The mill underwent a lengthy and expensive restoration after its sails were ripped off in the Great Storm of 1987. It was a heartbreaking time for the family, seeing their hard work in ruins, but it is is now fully operational with the Woosters once again milling their own flour. Drop in for a visit, it's a lovely place and you'll get a warm welcome.


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